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sickcritik (

Date: 11 November 2001
Summary: Not bad, not good

Let's make thing clear, this film is average. Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell can't act at all. The only actress who have talent in this film is Denise Richards. What a great scene with Neve, I don't care for Campbell for this scene but what about Richards, perfection. Another classic is when she is coming out of the pool with her blue swimsuit. Here is the story thanks to Matthew Patay.

Sam Lombardo is a well-respected Florida high school guidance councelor who gets his life turned upside down when two students, spoiled rich-girl Kelly Van Ryan, and trailer-trash bad-girl Suzie Toller, bring rape charges against him in which local police detective Ray Duquette investigates the allegations. But not everything is what it appears to be and the big question arises: who is deceiving who?

If love this one, get the DVD for a audio commentary by director John McNaughton and three deleted scenes.



Date: 18 October 2001
Summary: Strange, but good


This has to be one of the strangest movies ever. I had to watch it a few times to figure out exactly what was going on. But I guess that's the idea - it keeps you watching.

The plot twists are captivating and will keep you interested. The acting is not that bad, either. Kevin Bacon is his usual self, and Neve Campbell turns in one of her better performances (which isn't saying a whole lot). However, Campbell (who normally looks good on-screen) is not very attractive in this movie (until the end, at least), partly because she's portraying a Goth-like outcast, but mostly because she's starring opposite the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Denise Richards, who I might add, was not nearly as "shy" (guys take note).

But the best actor in this movie is the legendary Bill Murray, who steals the show early on which his usual brand of humor, and has always been a favorite of mine.

This movie will never be a classic, but it was good enough for me to keep on tape. ***1/2


Shanghai, China

Date: 4 October 2001
Summary: Absurd!!!!!!!!

I've got news for you people. Gratuitous nudity doesn't make a movie edgy.

Furthermore, ridiculous and contrived plot twists do not make a movie intelligent.

The first half of this movie was the most poorly written thing I've ever seen. I know it was supposed to be surprising, but did they have to write it like a low-budget soap opera?

The sex scene was just silly. I'm sure it's the only reason this movie got any box office at all.

And the twist-a-minute plot just got gimmicky real fast. Has it ever occurred to anyone that it would be literally impossible to pull off such a difficult plan and have all of the variables turn out right?

If you like plot twists, watch Malice. Skip this trash.


British Columbia Canada

Date: 28 September 2001
Summary: Very good, twist a minute mystery...

When I watched "Wild things" for the first time, I expected a plotless, formulaic, badly acted, sex based entertaining movie. Instead what I got was a very original film that kept you wondering until the last shot. The script is very well written and keeps up it's pace, the acting (aside from Denise Richards' performance) was good and I liked the premise as well.

This is a great party renter, because it has enough of everything to keep people interested. All in all a very good movie, 8/10!



Date: 23 September 2001
Summary: Nice twists, but awful acting (POSSIBLE SPOILER)

I agree this film has nome nice twists. And Bill Murray is hysterical, but cmon, Dillon, Richards,and Campbell are some of the worst actors I've ever seen. Sure Richards and Campbell are beautiful, but there annoying and untalented. And Dillon? This guy couldn't act scared if you put a gun too his head. I'm sure he had no problem doing the threesome scene though.


Portsmouth, England

Date: 28 August 2001
Summary: Good story, but cinematically poor.

The plot of this movie is an interesting one, dealing with greed, lust and revenge. However the film is far too short to include quite as many plot 'twists' as it does, and in the end it becomes a confusing mess with several unlikely and, frankly, unbelievable turns of events.

If the script was sharper, the editing and directing less rushed and more stylish then this film could have done much better.

The cast list is impressive, with Kevin Bacon and Neve Campbell in particular giving strong performances. But Bill Murray steals the show playing the lawyer that defends Lombardo (Dillon). However his performance does take away the seriousness of the plot that the other actors and trying to create, adding to the mockery of the film as a whole.

As an alternative, and much more stylish and creative, crime movie (with a strikingly similar plot), I suggest the serious movie-watcher checks out The Talented Mr Ripley instead.

I give this film 5 out of 10.



Date: 24 August 2001
Summary: A pretty fair twist of plot

Saw this on HBO, not in the movies, and was surprised at how much I liked it. The cast is very good with a good mix of movie veterans and new stars.

There's a good twist in the plot, some very hot action (especially with Denise Richards who plays a great spoiled bitch) and Neve Campbell. Kevin Bacon is his usually good self as a Detective, Matt Dillon does a credible job as a High School teacher, and Robert Wagner and Teresa Russell are great as the rich bitch mother and country club attorney.

The guy who steals the movie is, not surprisingly, Bill Murray who plays a "sheister" type lawyer. His office, mannerisms etc are priceless. Envision Carl Spackler shaven, dressed, with a modicum of manners living in Miami as a low end attorney and that's how Murray comes off.

I would recommend this movie to anyone with cable and a couple of hours to kick back.


United States

Date: 21 August 2001
Summary: A Different But Good Crime/Thriller.

"Wild Things" is a good film but different from most crime films. Kevin Bacon plays a Florida police officer who investigates when two teenagers Kelly (Denise Richards) and Suzie (Neve Campbell) accuse a guidance counseler (Matt Dillon) of rape. "Wild Things" is a good but

twisted crime/thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I give it an 8 out of 10.


martymaster (

Date: 14 August 2001
Summary: A intense thriller with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in some hot scenes.

Why aren't there a lot more movies like this.

This is a good thriller with a very well made plot and some good actors. The movie has of course a killer,but it is almost impossible to find out who it is and when you think you do the movie proves you wrong. The ending is brilliant,but as good as impossible to predict.Even though you hadn't seen it coming you will understand everything at the end.

The thing that makes this movie so great are Neve Campbell and Denise Richards who both are very good looking.They play two students who gets sexual involved with each other. And the scene when they kiss is worth all the money of the movie.

The only reason why somebody shouldn't like this movie is because they are gay.So go out and rent this movie and show that you aren't gay.

I give it a 8 out of 10.

******** out of **********


Pedro Silva (
Toronto, Canada

Date: 3 August 2001
Summary: Excellent idea, good development, miserable ending...

The initial idea for this movie was rather good and original. Greed and betrayal are matters that cannot be dwelled enough in Hollywood. "Wild Things" certainly plays with the viewers mind, to unthinkable extents. The initial twists definitely made the movie very interesting, and unpredictable to its audience. Indeed, it does a good job at making you think you know what's going to happen, just to fool you in the end. But as the movie got closer to the end, it just seemed to me more and more, that the writer wrote this script with this only intention in mind: to fool the audience. So it did, that the natural development of things simply lacked quality. The plot and the way it developed, appeared to be very intelligent. But on the last quarter of the story, this movie just gave itself up. The twists just happened so quickly and so roughly at the end, that it no longer was clever, but just plain stupid and comical. I could no longer suspend my disbelief of the reality of the sequence of the scenes. It all just appeared way too easily, with everything falling into place, but not quite right.

I give this movie a 7 for its entertainment value.


JamesB-1 (

Date: 15 July 2001
Summary: Teenage Basic Instinct

Now here's a thought- let's make a blatant clone of Paul Verhoeven's films(Basic Instinct,Showgirls-Not Starship Troopers) but without any pretty women, decent action and so many twists, the audience won't know what the hell is going on! Sounds like a great idea!-Not!



Date: 13 July 2001
Summary: Great movie, better acting!

I think that this movie is awesome! It may have several plot holes, but the locations, the rest of the story, and the acting make up for it. The acting was my favorite part! Everyone did a great job! Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Theresa Russell, Bill Murray, and Robert Wagner all brought something wonderful and fresh to their roles, which basically makes the movie! Rent this one!



Date: 9 July 2001
Summary: Much more intelligent than it is often given credit for...

During the very limited theatrical run that Wild Things recieved here (I think it was gone in about three weeks), a lot of the reviews and publicity created the impression that this was a soap opera sex thriller. I guess that's an easy approach to take when summing this film up, since its two female leads featured in Party Of Five and episodes of Doogie Howser (man what an awful show that was), not to mention that one of the male leads would be doing well to act his way out of a wet paper bag. The problem with that is that it is just too easy, and easy answer is exactly the sort of thing that this film goes out of its way to avoid. It is not trying to be a modern Hitchcock, it is not trying to be another Basic Instinct, it is just trying to tell a story.

The story, such as it is, seems to revolve around Blue Bay High School, the town it is located in, and its snobby, high-income elite, at least in the first reel. We are introduced to all four of the characters who will figure prominently in the story to come during a lecture to the students in their senior year. There's Sam the guidance counsellor, Ray the corrupt policeman, Kelly the daughter of the wealthiest real estate mogul in town, and Suzie the girl from the caravan park across town. All four of these characters have secrets they'd rather not share with any other inhabitant of the town, but that all comes apart when Kelly accuses Sam of raping her. Suzie corroborates her story at first, but then we get our first inkling that things are not all they seem, through the efforts of Bill Murray in one of his best cameos ever. The whole thing is seemingly a conspiracy between Sam, Suzie, and Kelly, but we are never shown whose idea it is until the very end.

This next passage will ruin a key surprise the film has in store, so don't read it if you haven't seen it. Unless things have radically changed in this regard during the last ten years, psychologists and other such professionals do not tell test subjects exactly what their IQ is. Even if Suzie or her mother did know exactly, this whole point is delivered with such sledgehammer force that it almost utterly ruins the subtle, slow buildup that the rest of the film exhibited. Were they just running out of money when it came time to film this spot and just decided to go with the quickest, simplest thing they could do? It would have been much more effective and satisfying if the ugly cop (I forget the name) had just spent five or ten minutes going through whatever Suzie had left behind on her run to the Carribean. Summing up this plot point in fifteen seconds was an exceptionally bad move.

Overall, however, you can't really go wrong with this film for an evening's entertainment. It doesn't feel the need to talk down at its audience, it doesn't resort to excess simplicity to make itself understood (except for the aforementioned ending), it just tells a story and tells it reasonably well. It is also another great example of DVD's utter superiority, especially during the threesome scene. When this part of the film is shown in its proper aspect ratio, you can make out every character and certain little details I'm sure that Denise Richards would appreciate not having available to horny teenage boys in a freezable and zoomable format. When was the last time you zoomed in on an actress' boobs with a VHS cassette, assuming they were left in frame after some jerk with an editing console chopped it down to fit those garbage 4:3 screens?



Date: 23 June 2001
Summary: Overcomplicated storyline makes it less enjoyable

This review might contain SPOILERS, read at your own risk.

In 'Wild Things', Sam Lombardo, an established high school guidance counsellor is accused of rape by one of his students; Kelly. However there's a lack of evidence, until Suzie, another student of Sam's, also claims that she was raped by him. After that the story gets really confusing as to who did what and why.

The thing that ruined this movie was the seemingly neverending twists in the plot. It can happen only so many times in a movie before you feel that it's not the characters in the movie who are fooling you, but the producers. Lots of spoilers ahead...

Due to the innumerous plot twists, there are many holes in the story. As we find out at the end of the movie, Suzie was blackmailing Sam all along. Why didn't he kill her when she was drunk? We also find out that Ray (Kevin Bacon, the detective), was also involved in the scheme and that he didn't know that Suzie was behind it all (which would have given him reason to be suspicious). Why did he encourage the police to continue the investigation jeopardizing the very plot he is involved in? Thses are just some examples.

Other than those holes in the plot, it was decent movie. The acting was mostly good, I don't like Neve Campbell, but she was good in this movie. Aside from the occasional scenes when a viewer can tell they're acted, the acting is believable and the story is also great in the beginning, but it gets a little overcomplicated at the end. The sexuality was a bit forced, because it didn't fit into the storyline as much as it did in 'The In Crowd'.

GOOD: A well acted movie with an interesting plot and many (too many for my taste) surprises.

BAD: It has an unrealistic ending due to the holes in the complicated plot. Some little bit cheesy/forced scenes.

RATING: 5/10


weber city, va

Date: 19 June 2001
Summary: fair movie...a 3 or 3.5

This movie will make you occasional spin of suspense in a movie is ok, but this movie overdid it too much. There are so many people involved in this triangle, square, hexagon, whatever you call of it getting money and scandal that you can't keep up with who is dead, who is alive, who is conning, who is honest, who pretended to be dead, who cares?

This movie started out right, with the trial, and the results of what happened, but the 2nd hour was like a sequel or a completely different movie. I'd give this first hour an 80, but the last hour nearly a zero.

This is a movie of mind games with the audience, I mean a twist here and there is fine, but if it continues, the audience just doesn't care any more, and we find something that makes more sense to watch.

Campbell looked real hot in this movie, in the boonies and on the ship. She was about the only character I could figure out in the entire movie.


yadda1 (
Austin, Texas

Date: 14 June 2001

Susie's Teeth/Murder: If she was so wasted (remember the blurry POV when Lombardo showed up), how did she manage to orchestrate her fake murder, teeth pulling, etc.? If she indeed pulled out her teeth, why weren't they bloody when Duquette found them, yet there was fresh blood at the scene? I'm aware of the denture forshadowing, and those teeth could be from that set or something, but why did they show her trying to yank them out? And how did she get a perfect set of teeth back at the end? Not that much time transpired to get dental work. And what about the bloody bottle? Fake blood? If Kelly didn't know Susie's death was faked, it appears that she is among the screwed over, so why then was Lombardo mad at Duquette for killing Kelly? Were Lombardo and Susie just going to disappear, leaving Kelly with her mom, who she screwed over, and take ALL the money? Why was Duquette even brought into this? Then at the end we find out that Susie and Bowden were the real orchestrators, and I am confused. Offshore bank accounts-Duquette couldn't crack the location of this account-"untraceable", how did Susie and Bowden get at the money? I've watched this over and over and I still don't get it. If someone could explain very plainly the plot twists I would be forever grateful, cause this is really bugging me.



Date: 5 June 2001
Summary: What a load of garbage

If you do not want to waste two hours of your time,do not watch this piece of crap!It is about these two stupid girls who are obsessed with their guidance who they are having a threesome with!This movie is completely and totally a load of garbage!It had me completely and totally confused until the VERY end of the movie!I give it a 4/10 only because I love Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell is a great actress!


Oakwood, Virginia USA

Date: 6 June 2001
Summary: Keeps you on the edge of your seat every minute. You become to enjoy the plot twist after watching this several times.

Twists lurk in every direction of this steamy boiler in which no person is who they appear to be all happening in hot and beautiful Florida. When I first saw this at the movies I thought this movie is the best of all-time when it comes to keeping the viewer guessing, but after watching Wild Things several times you just love seeing again and again how great the plot was twisted. In the very last scene you see and figure out how the whole scheme worked and say to yourself just how smart the Bill Murray and Neve Campbell characters are. This was one of the best performances I had seen from Bill Murray in a long time, and the acting from Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon is of good quality. The best of all things is the sexy performance that Denise Richards gives one of the best in movie history. Wild Things is what made people notice Denise Richards and she became another sex icon. Wild Things is a must see the first time you watch you will find that being on the edge of your seat is great excitement, and with later viewings when you have figured it all out then just take it easy and enjoy a great movie! Wild Things shows on both basic and premium cable.


Abi Khoo

Date: 5 June 2001
Summary: Clever Flick

An interesting film, i felt that it had several elements of Film Noir, with the whole femme fatale in it and the whole devious crime detective plot. The cast was well chosen and Neve Campbell and Denise Richards were sizzling in the film. I was totally unexpected of the twist and the ending which made this film in a way a 'shocker' as that one does not really know what to expect next. A good film, very cleverly written.



Date: 1 June 2001
Summary: Tries to be smart, ends up stupid

Wild Things has many things going for it; initially anyway. The cast of beautiful people look good and play their parts well enough. The plot starts of with loads of suspense and really makes you wanting to see more . Of course there's THAT scene. And there's Bill Murray as well. But then midway thorough it all comes undone, badly.

The film tries very hard indeed to be intelligent by constantly second-guessing the viewer via the means of twists and swerves but fails badly. The twists don't add anything worthwhile and instead sabotages the whole story, leaving gaping plot-holes everywhere. The characters are also just unbelievable. They try the 'you think you know them but you don't' trick but instead they come up with characters that have no real 'character'. They constantly switch personalities and then back again at will with zero sense behind it. All these would probably have been overlooked but for the fact that the 'BIG' twist right at the end just encapsulates all that is wrong with film and then magnifies them. The ending just well happens and the viewer is just left wondering 'what the?!'. It doesn't build towards it, it just happens leaving one shaking one's head in disbelief and disgust. NOT intelligence, pure stupidity.

A too contrived film with an ending that's just ridiculous ruins what could and should have been a cracker. What promised to be a smart, sexy thriller turned out to be a damn ugly mess.