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Lake Park, Minnesota

Date: 7 November 2001
Summary: One word can sum it up-WOW!

"The Godfather" is truly one of THE greatest films in cinema ever. With the help of possibly one of the greatest casts, Francis Coppola's film is one that should not be missed. It all involves the rise and near fall of a mafia family. Many of the young talents have gone to other great roles. Among them are Al Pacino(who steals the whole film), Robert Duvall, James Caan, Diane Keaton, and the late John Cazale. And of course, there's Marlon Brando's performance as Don Vito Corleone. He deserved the win for Best Actor, though it might have been a little dumb to refuse the Oscar. Pacino should have been the real winner for the role of Michael. With some of the greatest scenes ever this is a must see.


Jay Mclennan (
Essex UK

Date: 8 November 2001
Summary: Maffia is Blood

A story of a maffia family feared and respected by the world. But slowly is declining. But the family are to close to be defeated by this downfull. As Vito Corleone retire's watch as Michael becomes the Don - Finds revenge for his murdered Brother - and bring the Corleone family back to the top - Loyalty is key - Never turn your back on the family and Respect is a must. SwIfT



Date: 8 November 2001
Summary: My favorite movie


Television takes a pretty bad rap. It is often derided for its stultifying properties, engendering of abject values and overall ability to vitiate the masses. Many even claim that it foments a sundering influence over families. I suppose there is some merit to such an assertion, but I can tell you that when I was growing up the TV was the node in which our otherwise fragmented family coalesced. I guess we would be referred to as `dysfunctional' today; my father didn't talk to us much and the dinner table was a surface in which to set the groceries until they were put away. If my parents did ask about how school went, a laconic `alright' would satisfy. But when we sat in front of that glowing cynosure, with its exogenous felicity and fruition, our reticence faded into commentary. Somehow the factitious world contained in that electronic box inspired us to notice each other. We watched and we talked.

So when it was deemed that I was mature enough to watch the network premier of `The Godfather' I was not only anticipating a good movie, I was looking forward to family bonding. I positively loved to listen to my father and older brothers (I'm the baby) engage in dialogue and repartee in response to the TV. Their insight brought more to light than my young mind could comprehend with just the presentation as is, and I felt edified as well as inclusive. Hey some folks have the visits to Yellowstone, I have this.

Even though it was too much for an adolescent to fully appreciate, I knew then that this movie was something special. And as I grew older I watched it every time it aired. Of course after videos arrived this was the first movie I purchased. It is the crme de le crme of films, of which I have watched at least 50 times. It is a work of art that I can call a masterpiece without a bit of hyperbole. It is my opinion the greatest picture ever made.

Though a substantial portion of the film takes place in Sicily, and many customs of that land (as well as cabala) are featured this is a very American story. It is no less than a stunning examination of the dichotomy that is success in the land of opportunity. It is a tale of the fine line between legitimacy and profligacy in the capitalist world, of the gray area that exists between transgression and ignominy. And if the film is a treatise on the American way then the opening line, `I believe in America', is its exordium. With those prefatory words Coppola sets the tone.

What follows is a congeries of dexterous camera shots, first-rate dialogue, incredible acting, untiring character development and one hell of a story. The juxtaposition of criminality and family honor/personal loyalty is achieved with utmost precision. The motif of personal rectitude vis--vis societal ethos pervades the film. The main characters embody this paradox. They are vicious yet decorous, violent yet urbane, heartless yet not without code.

The actors are at their best. Brando providing gravitas, Cann relishing his bellicose role, Keaton appearing to live her enduring conflict. It is Pacino of course who must steer the course, as his permutation is unveiled before us. Pacino achieves this vicissitude with a subtlety that resembles an insidious whisper, inaudible to those who underestimate him.

If you will allow me an indulgence I would like to comment on the outstanding ending to this work. At times movies are often beloved for memorable scenes. The finale of this tale is as piquant as they come. Coppola understands the power of the doorway, and the shot of Kay's face, overcome with the realization of her husband's duplicity, as the door closes, symbolically shutting her out of his life, is sheer pathos. Did I mention that I love this ending? In fact the par excellence of this conclusion has soured me on the sequels. I have watched them and think they are great, but I do not possess them and never will. Any extension of this saga is a reproach to this superb terminus ad quem.

`The Godfather' is a film that must be watched numerous times to absorb and appreciate the many names, nuances, and instances. I highly recommend it.


Mike Intaglietta (
Brooklyn, NY

Date: 1 November 2001
Summary: Viewer Reaction to The Godfather

SPOILERS (kind of... this is a comment on viewer reaction to certain scenes, and how they've changed. If you haven't seen the film, please don't read this. It wouldn't make much sense anyways.)

I had the opportunity to see The Godfather last night on a large screen for the first time. The film was as powerful and beautiful full size as you would expect, but what really struck me was the viewer reactions.

Many people in the audience were seeing the film for the first time and a lot of scenes which I remember as being downright chilling or foreboding got laughs. Granted there are some genuinely funny moments in The Godfather ("Leave the gun, take the cannoli" "We don't talk business at the table."), but there were some laughs at what would be considered some very inappropriate places.

For instance, the infamous horsehead in the bed got some chuckles. When the scene of the house fades to Don Corleone, it gets an outright belly laugh. I really don't remember this as being funny. Also, the scene in Sicily where Michael's bodyguard leaves so skittishly, forecasting some bad things happening to Michael's car... outright laughter.

The American viewing audience has changed since 1972. I don't believe that these scenes were intended to illicit laughter, and I would guess they did not when the film was released. If any one could tell me what viewer reaction to those scenes in theaters when the films were released were, I'd be very interested.


bonjamin (

Date: 31 October 2001
Summary: Coppola's Masterpiece

Unarguabaly Coppolas finest work The Godfather centres on the corleone family's rise and near fall in 1940s gangland America.With the retirement of Vito Coleone(brando) and death of his thuggish succesor Sonny corleone(caan).Michael corleone(pacino) clean cut college boy previosly uninvolved in the family business makes the transition to cool,cold and ruthless don(head of the family).Following a series of deaths and betrayels Michael does away with all opposition to secure the family's place in power. Featuring some of the most intelligent and brutally executed death scenes ever filmed and the finest actors in the business the film is not just a hugely entertaining epic. The godfather deals with many themes such as power,violence,rites of passage,love and betrayel.With a fantastic score, great direction and fine assembled cast there is nothing i can think of to critisise the film. Be prepared for part two


Bloomington, Indiana USA

Date: 30 October 2001
Summary: simply brilliant

Simply put, the standard by which all other films are measured. Two of the greatest acting performance of all time by Pacino and Brando create two of the most memorable film characters of all-time, the gentlemanly don Vito Corleane and his reluctant son/heir Micheal. Full of great moments (the horse head in the movie producer's bed, the chilling baptism scene) and great lines this is Coppolla greatest film by far. The score and cinematography only add to this film's mastery. A terrific film, one that anyone who calls himself a movie fan should see at least once, and probably many many times!



Date: 29 October 2001
Summary: Simple perfection, more about acting than anything else.

This movie is absolute perfection, and now that it is out on DVD, it is something that must be owned. If you haven't seen it then make it a point to do so. It is amazing that this movie was made in just 62 days. The acting in this is fantastic, and worthy of the highest praise, this movie can be nothing less than a 10.


Doron Zehavi (
Tzora, Israel

Date: 28 October 2001
Summary: An offer I could refuse

To my opinion, the most overrated film of all times.

An overrated story of an overrated person (America's infamous home grown terrorist), played by an overrated actor - Marlon Brando, which has almost nothing left from the juicy stud that made your lips wet in "A streetcar called desire".

Rather than being a fine adaption of an anyway colorful book, and a playground for an impressive group of talents, the movie has not much else to offer. No one of the actors is at his/her best.

Technically, Coppola is a genious. The best 2 dimension director. But his films always lack the 3'rd dimension. You're coming out great, Frank, but what exactly are you trying to say?


London, England

Date: 29 October 2001
Summary: The Film that Launched Al Pacino

Although this film may be marketed as a violent film, it is at its heart, a film about family values. The overwhelming experience that you have when you engage with this film is the sense that you are in a family and that you are viewing the lifestyle of a Sicilian family with first generation American offspring. Francis Ford Coppola guides and directs Al Pacino in this film that takes him from being an ordinary dark, handsome young man, to being the gangster and tough guy that we have come to know and love in the 80's and 90's. His character far outweighs any violent scenes that we see, and to a certain degree, the violence becomes necessary and complimentary to the development of his character. An outstanding piece of cinema is the scene where John Marley wakes up in his bed full of blood, only to discover the seared head of his horse at the other end. The timing of his and our discovery of the source of the blood is immaculate, and has the mark of genius stamped across the direction. No wonder this film received the best picture award of 1972.


Victor Hudson
San Diego

Date: 22 October 2001
Summary: The Best adaptation of novel to Movie

Well the Godfather is really one of the best adaptation of novel to book. I know that there are probably few of the newer viewers of this movie who read the book, but if you first read the book when the book first came out in the 70's and waiting patiently for the movie to be released you weren't disappointed in the movie. I think it is the best gangster movie and if you are fortunate to own the DVD you are in for a treat. There are lots of goodies here.

This is a movie that is just a good story and it makes you feel fo this family.


warny01 (
Plymouth, England

Date: 22 October 2001
Summary: Pure Genius

This is the finest example of film making-EVER! There isn't another film which could better this cast. Brando, Pacino, Duvall, Cann, Turner etc. Although Method acting is not my favourite style, it is used to it's strengths here.

Name a better actor than Brando over the last fifty odd years in film and stage? Not possible, Pacino and co come close but not close enough. This gave rise to so many other gangster creations. Goodfellas, The Sopranos, Casino to name a few. How Al never got an oscar for his Michael Corleone is a crime in itself.

If you haven't seen the film then you have to or else you haven't lived. Everything is perfect, acting, scenery, lighting, music, direction, you will be hard pushed to find a film that matches any one of those.

This is the greatest film of all time. It was Coppola's best, Brando's and Pacino's best. What more could you need? 11/10


Peter Elefant (

Date: 17 October 2001
Summary: What are you people thinking????

I noticed that this was the best rated film in this place a couple of months ago, so naturally, I decided to give it at shot. But I just don't get what attracts you folks to it?

The character-draving is pretty weak, and you don't really get to go inside the heads of the gangsters. The pictures are pretty ordinary and the whole storyline is... well... boring.

I mean no disrespect or anything, but maybe this is to old folks, what the first King Kong film was to my great granfather... Maybe I'm just part of a next generation... Or maybe.. A next step in the evolution. A superman! A mastermind! Maybe I'm going to be king of the hill! Top of the heap! Maybe I need to find some sleep.

Sorry. This one did nothing for me, but if you're high on gangsters, this is definitly the one for you.


I'd love to hear from you folks that thinks this is Gods gift to movies.



Date: 15 October 2001
Summary: Timeless cinematic excellence

As long as movies exist, The Godfather will always be relevant and stand out as one of the all time best. When most people think of a perfect movie, this one comes to mind, and for good reason. Every single aspect of filmmaking is executed down to the finest detail with flawless results, most notably the violence, which is graphic but never gratuitous. The ensemble acting is arguably the best ever, with every performance being beliveable and memorable. The story of a mafia family trying to survive amidst a crumbling empire is very compelling, but it's much more than a mafia movie. It's a story about family and the importance of staying together.

Over the years, The Godfather has become nothing less than an American institution, inspiring several imitations as well as parodies and creating many phrases and expressions that have made their way into pop culture. There is something in The Godfather that appeals to everyone and every generation. For this, it will always find favor with the masses and truly remain a timeless classic of cinema.


kornucopia (
Morganfield, KY

Date: 11 October 2001
Summary: Perfection is perfected

I live in a small town with an average family. I am a senior in an average high school. If anyone mentions any from of entertainment, it's either Varsity Blues or Me Myself and Irene. I seen to be living in my own world. Hanging from my wall is an authentic (framed) Godfather poster. In my personal collection sits 19 Robert DeNiro Movies and a book on Marlon Bando. How can any movie compare with the Godfather. I have seen two films reach the apex of perfection. they are both in this dvd set, which now sits in my personal collection. there are flicks then there are movies then there are films then there is the godfather. if i could throw all my possessions away and just have the godfather, i'd be content. but if anyone wishes to confront me on my opinions about the trilogy or brando's station in life as a golden god, so be it. But i'd change their'd make them an offer they couldn't refuse.



Date: 11 October 2001
Summary: A great film

Although I would not consider it the greatest movie ever, I would still give the Godfather a 10/10 and am willing to say that it is quite an amazing film. It is emotional, involving, and the performances are top-notch. A film that is good in every category, The Godfather is definitely better than it's sequels and my second favorite Coppola film (I liked Apocalypse Now a bit more).



Date: 13 October 2001
Summary: A really masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody said that this film was the best ever done so I have wanted to see this for years(and the other parts I shall soon see).So when I found out that it would come on DVD I planned to buy it,and so I did. And when I saw it I thought it was an masterpiece.Perfect in every ways. The whole cast acts excellent and Marlon Brando really deserved his Oscar for best leading role.Its also a very beautiful epic and the music is fantastic.I almost forgot to write that the direction by Francis Ford Coppola is also excellent.Still it has done better films than "the Godfather" but its really a Masterpiece.If you dont own the Godfather collection on DVD run out and buy it now.5/5


Jared (

Date: 10 October 2001
Summary: The Critically Tripled's view....

The top ranked movie on Critically Tripled's Top 200 Movies of all time! If you haven't seen this movie yet, you must be living in a box. The DVD set is truly amazing a must own! If you want to see more of Critically Tripled and who else is on the Top 200 Movies and many other options please respond to this review to me via e-mail or via post! And if you don't, it's ok, because if I wanted you dead, I would have killed you already.



Date: 8 October 2001

I would like to tell everyone that this movie is highly overated expecially considering it is the number one movie in the IMDB TOP 250 LIST!! Dont get me wrong i like like Francis Ford Coppola's movies but i have never been a fan of this series!! He definatly has an all star line up , but come on people Marlon Brando cannot act his way out of a paper bag!! Just like one of my favorite Coppola movies "Apocalypse Now" Marlon got top billing over Martin Sheen when right well Martin should have been the oscar nominee!! It is a good trilogy but let me tell you something? If you want a good down to earth mob movie see anything done by Martin Scorsese! I wasnt really over touched by this series but i know it has alot of fans!! See ya folks!!!


Mumbai , india.

Date: 4 October 2001
Summary: The Finest gangster epic of all time .

The Finest gangster epic of all time . The Godfather set the benchmark for so many mafia films to follow but till now it can not be rivaled for it's excellence in almost every department .Whether it's is the brillant performances , enchanting background score by Nino Rota and of course great direction by Francis Ford Coppola .I had heard of this movie when i was a kid , but with no interest in watching it , but on a sunday night H.B.O.(the indian version ) telecast this movie and i was hooked . Perhaps not knowing how successful this movie was helped , i watched the movie without knowing it 's background or having read Mario Puzo's bestselling book . Instead i happen to see the Last Don before seeing this movie . The movie haunts you long after u have finished seeing it whether it 's the godfather theme or Marlon Brando and Al Pacino's ground - breaking performances ( who could he lose to at the oscars in the best supporting actor category ? ) .

Until now , there are very few gangster moives that make use of so few expletives , it 's amazing even in the 70's it gives credit to the script for creating an impact without using forceful language. The ideal of the film is what stands out that the youngest son in the family underestimated from day one saves the family when they are close to being destroyed by the other families .Although it's Micheal Corleone who holds centre - stage towards the second half of this movie and the subsequent two sequels .I feel that it 's really vito corleone who is the stand -out character of the series played by both Brando and De Niro (both earning oscars ) . In conclusion , There is no doubt this is the greatest movie of all time , very few can match this movie except for probably it 's sequel PT-II was brillant as well , but still could not match up to it's predecessor .So , there's no doubt that it 's the most watched movie of all time and will continue to be for some time to come . just can't wait to get my hands on the DVD version .


Eddie (Onlyindreams17)
Torrance, CA

Date: 5 October 2001
Summary: The greatest landmark on American cinema.

The Godfather is great. For almost thirty years now audiences have been captivated and intrigued by the Corleone family. And no other mafia movie has ever come as close to being this good. The story is just amazing and the directing by Francis Ford Coppola is nothing less than spectacular. Coppola has taken the concept of organized crime in America, something that was once looked down upon, and has built a cult following around it, with Marlon Brando and Al Pacino as their leading figures. And I don't think any single film has produced as many memorable scenes as The Godfather. Who could ever forget Marlon Brando, as Vito Corleone, buying those oranges on that fateful day? Or James Caan, as Sonny Corleone, getting massacred by the barrage of machine-gun bullets? And lines that will forever be repeated by fans like, "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." The bottom line is that The Godfather has changed the way we look and judge films. It has made cool what is sinful, crime a family value, and dynamic characters the modern-day icons of several generations of storytelling in film. Alongside all the revolutionary pictures of all time, The Godfather earns it place at the very top. Whether it is the #3 greatest film by the American Film Institute, #1 by IMDb, or #2 by me, this movie should very well be agreed by all to be a landmark in American film history.