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chicago, Illinois

Date: 10 November 2001
Summary: jack is so crazy

Jack did his best in this one now in the movie I don't think jack was crazy maybe he just was upset but he did not belong in that place they should of know that and put him out back on the street with his girl but sometimes things happen I was happy when I seen this for the first time a week ago so see this one you cant go wrong.



Date: 7 November 2001
Summary: Big disappointment...

I rented this movie because I've heard people say it was good, it's high on the top 250 here and stuff. But I just don't get what is so great about it. Sure, the acting is fabulous, especially Jack Nicholson, but you need more than that to make a great movie. Nothing really happens, there are flaws in the story, and are you supposed to think that head nurse is evil? I never thought so, she was just doing her job or what? Darth Vader, there's your baddie, or Emperor Palpatine these guys are mean.

I gotta admit I laughed a few times, and this is not a bad movie. But masterpiece? Star Wars and Jaws are two 70's movies that are better than this one. I give it a 6/10.



Date: 3 November 2001
Summary: Tour de force, Nicholson's best

Chief Bromden's narrative is matched for excellence is this film, with Jack Nicholson perfectly cast as McMurphy, who although not more rambunctious than the novel version of Ken Kesey's feisty character, has the edge in sarcasm. Nurse Ratched is also portrayed very well, by Louise Fletcher, and the acting overall is stellar. The portrayal of Billy Bibbit and his situation superb, as is the 1963 World Series scene. (Interesting: in real life, Tresh and Mantle did homer against Koufax, two-run and solo, respectively, but in different games, and that represented all of the Yanks' damage against him; Koufax pitched in games 1 and 4, Downing in game 2.) However, my favorite moment is McMurphy's lifting effort. We return again to the chief at the end, as the final scenes, like the rest of the movie, do not let us down. Striking a blow for freedom, this film is Nicholson's finest effort.



Date: 8 October 2001
Summary: This movie was well acted and well made

"One flew over the Cuckoo's nest" is one of Jack Nicholson finest movies ever. The acting was perfect by everyone and the plot was pretty cool too. it was also kind of cool to see all of the actors so young like Christopher Lloyd as Taber(Back to the future), Brad Dourif as Billy Bibbit(Childs play,Voice of chucky and actual person in the beginning)and Danny Devito as martini. This Movie was great and i suggest to every to go and see it. The acting was perfect and they have some cool scenes. My favorite was the boat scene. I give This Movie 8.6 out of 10 stars


madhu m (
ahmedabad, india

Date: 2 October 2001
Summary: what a mad, insane movie - and thats a compliment

This is one of the all-time greatest movies ever. and every good review u've heard about it is true. One flew over the cuckoos nest captures the madness of a lunatic asylum brilliantly, without going overboard or overly melodramatic.

jack nicholson breathes the role and louis fletcher also does brilliantly. the dialogs are witty and amusing, capturing the effect of the movie beautifully. there is not one scene in the movie thats out of place or boring.

the pace of the movie is steady and the story is built up slowly but steadily. in the hands of lesser directors and actors, this movie could have been considered too slow. but the terrific actors and the gripping direction keep the flow going through out and makes it very entertaining.

the end, in my opinion, is slightly disappointing - but rather fitting. its just personal opinion. most people love the ending. do not miss this terrific drama, thats more than just a story about a man in a mental asylum. this is a movie about how we choose to live.

an insane 9!!



Date: 28 September 2001
Summary: Our heart beat with Jack Nicholson and his nutties!

The story of "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" is particular: at the beginning none believed in this film except Kirk Douglas and and Saul Zaentz (a producer,but a jazz producer!!), but finally the success was incredible.This film was the emblem and the swan song of a great and unrepeatable season.When America was crushed but still young and its cinema was dirty,utopian,visionary and rebel.In 1975 there was great film, like Altman's wildness of Nashville,like Kubrick's Barry Lindon, but won McMurphy, with his cap,with his basketball,with his girls,with his rage that push himself to jump on the neck of the nurse-jailor Flatcher and to pay,for the extreme rebellion,the highest price.And in the heart of many people won Great Head that finally destroyed all and conquest freedom.The hospital-prison is an evident metaphor of America, that stifles your brain and your desires with pills (or, if are very bad like Nicholson,with lobotomy). But McMurphy is always ready to remember to you that is very important to find a passage in the wall and to aim a kick to the indifference. And,above all to refuse the overwhelming.


Elizabeth (

Date: 30 September 2001
Summary: A depressing yet fantastic movie

Jack Nicholson gives an Academy Award winning performance as a cynic who decides to go into a mental institution as opposed to going to prison. I don't want to give away all the details, but as you would assume, the stay in the mental institution changes Nicholson. Look for excellent performances by some classic TV stars, as well as an Oscar winning performance by Louise Fletcher, who plays the infamous nurse.

Although this movie can be very depressing, it has funny moments, and is definitely a movie that is worth seeing. I strongly recommend "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."


London, England

Date: 25 September 2001
Summary: Read the book first

This is a fine movie. I enjoyed watching it. The cast is very good and it's filmed nicely, don't get me wrong. However, it is IDENTICAL to the book. There is no variation. There is so little actual "adaption" in it it actually began to annoy me slightly. If you've read the book you will find no surprises whatsoever. So why not just read the book? There are no clever cinematic tricks or interpretations (which can be so interesting and work so well when adapting a book to screen.)

If you want to see a clever and interesting adaptation of a cult 1960's book see David Cronenberg's "Naked Lunch". If you want it straight off the page and onto the screen, see this.


Phillip Hogan (Diabolik7691)
Atlanta, Ga

Date: 24 September 2001
Summary: One of the best!

When I first rented this movie, I thought this would be a classic film with an outstanding performance by Jack. Thats just what I got. This film is great! Great performances by all! Brad Dourif really shines here, and so does Scatman in a small role! This film about a prisoner who says he's crazy won 5 academy awards and should have won more! See this film! Its tied with the godfather as the best movie of the 70's. In my book anyway.



Date: 16 September 2001
Summary: Greatest american film to date (possible spoilers)

Wonderfully acted,great story, and by the way anybody who says this film does the book injustice,is missing the point. There are so many memorable scenes in this picture. But these were the best EXAMPLES: when mac teaches martini to play blackjack,when mac gives his interview to the warden, and when mac tries to teach the chief to play basketball. Jack clearly shows why he's the greatest actor who ever lived. If not the best, certainly the most charismatic. The ending is both tragic and powerful. I do think the direction was lousy, but who cares? One of the few, almost perfect films.



Date: 13 September 2001
Summary: 5/5

I think that this is a very touching,sad and funny film with so fantastic actors(and thats the most important in this film) and also a fantastic direction by Milos Forman.

a feisty misfit (Nicholson) enters an insane asylum and inspires his fellow patients to assert themselves, to the chagrin of strong-willed head nurse (Fletcher).

Jack Nicholson doing his best role and also Louise Fletcher doing an

amazing role.

RATING:5/5- a perfect film



Date: 24 August 2001
Summary: Horrendous, Absolutely Horrendous

After reading the book, I decided to rent the movie, just to see how well it was translated for the big screen. In fact, it totally screws around with the plot. People die in the middle of the book(Cheswick drowns), and at the end of this movie, he's still alive! That was a big part of the novel! McMurphy doesn't steal the bus to go fishing, in fact, it was suggested as a field trip, to which Nurse Ratched agreed to if he brought enough men.

This movie is one of the worst adaptations from a book I have ever watched. This movie does not deserve all of the praise it gets. If anything, Jaws or Dog Day Afternoon should have taken home Best Picture of that year.



metrevej (
Tbilisi, Georgia

Date: 27 August 2001
Summary: shining

To say that the film is a masterpiece means almost nothing, especially in today's deteriorated understanding of what masterpiece is. The film is a pinnacle of the world cinematography. It has everything that the real masterpiece has to have: superb direction and screenplay, casting, music, plot, and a theme that deals with timeless concept. What brings the film to the highest points is its power, by which the supreme humanistic ideals as freedom and democracy are, together with everyday-life-related human foibles, are kindly presented for our consideration.

The film makes us focus on valuable humanistic categories, without which a man is not a man, meanwhile admitting that no one's perfect, that less-important shortcomings of a man may be acceptable in our not idealized life.

The film has advantages compared with the original story, which is brilliant itself. Eliminating the Chief's narrative style, the film becomes more objective and realistic for perception: you get in a first-line contact with McMurphy and others. Nurse Ratched is nice-looking rather than almost a monster, as described so in the book. Moreover so, the film shows that Nurse Ratched honestly and altruistically serves the patients' life and health, although, as in the story, forgetting about freedom. Therefore, by widening the scope of Ratched's character and making it more common, the McMurphy-Ratched conflict becomes more powerful and substantiated.

There are a few scenes in the film, especially the final one, which I think are among the best scenes in a movie history.

It is a real art: elevated, transparent, at the same time loaded with ideas, and triggering thoughts, an ability of which is as important for the mankind as the principles of democracy and freedom.



Date: 21 August 2001
Summary: The movie brings the feeling of isolation and depression

Definitely one of the best movies ever made.Unique and disturbing,Forman gave the world an immortal saga of lunacy and delirium,deprivation of the modern society through the hospital system,fascinating sense of humor,Kafkas processing of a individuality,perfect music and deeply carved characters.Anyway,it gives a different answer to the cliche-question:Are the real lunatics in the hospital or in the outdoor world.A balanced answer to this question is the Nicholson role of MackMurphy.Although the end is a bit confusing-it is not clearly explained about the psychological puissance of one character (Chief) that gave him the power to make that flight over the "cuckoos nest".


Tijuana Mexico

Date: 15 August 2001
Summary: Nicholson at his peak

We have always seen Jack Nicholson as somewhat of a Lunatic in his movies, slightly evil, slightly murderous, but never have we seen a bad performance.

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest is one of the Movies that best suits to Jack's Style, not to mention his face, one look at his grin and you want to run to mama. Playing a convict who is not necessarily crazy, but does seem to be a challenge, but he pulls it off with such perfection that I dare you to find a flaw. The accompanying cast provides an interesting and colorful backdrop to his crazy shenanigans, but be on the lookout for the performance of Oscar Winner Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched, she is one evil nurse, she inhabits her role with such a powerful presence, that if she were really a nurse, most patients would pretend health just to be free. They really are memorable performances, capped off with Milos Forman's Best Work in my opinion, you really have a Grade A Movie.

A Word of Advice, if you have some petty grudge against any of the actors involved, leave it at the front Desk, and come inside the Ward, you will be pleasantly surprised


los angeles

Date: 10 August 2001
Summary: it will warp you in a good way

Saw this flick when I was 11 when it first arrived in Theaters. Very educational about the relationship of the individual to society.

If you want a kid to understand nonconformity, get them to watch this before t is too late. The tide of conformity runs high these days, help a kid out and show them that one person can stand up, if only for a great glorious moment.

Also very educational on how bureaucracy works.


Chapel Hill,North Carolina

Date: 2 August 2001
Summary: The greatest Jack flick ever made

If you want to see the real Jack Nicholson in one of the best gripping performances of his career as well as his Oscar winning portrayal of Ken Kasey's character who lives his adventures in a mental ward,well this film is a must see. It is also noted that Christopher Lloyd,and a very young Danny DeVito,as well as Brad Dourif and the great Scatman Crothers are well represented in some of the grandest acting ever depicted as they go against the wishes of the head nurse (Louise Fletcher-in her Oscar winning tour de force) there. Out of all the Jack Nicholson films that I have seen in the past,this one stands out of the crowd. The greatest "Jack" flick ever made. It's true Hollywood acting in exquistite fashion.



Date: 31 July 2001
Summary: perfect perfection

i think this movie is by far the best movie ever made, i own this movie and ive watched it dozens of times, and every time i watch it its as though i get more and more into it. the ending still makes me weep harder then any movie ive ever seen, the acting is just downright brilliant and is nicholsons best acting, along with the whole cast, especially luis fletcher (who really makes you despise her by the end of the movie) you feel so many emotions as you watch this movie its almost scary, one minute you'll be laughing out loud, the next you'll be crying your eyes out, its heart-warming and heartbreaking at the same time, and the ending is still the most shocking of any movie out there if you havent seen it or heard about it, if i could give this movie a score of 11/10 i would, but i cant, so ill stick with the 10


Montreal, Canada

Date: 28 July 2001
Summary: Excellent

It took me a few viewings before I actually realized what a good movie this was.

An "avantgout" of where society was heading in the 70's.

The actors that were in their first big motion picture. Danny Devito, Christopher Reeves...

This movie is also one the funniest movies ever, without using your typical "laugh" getters. This movie is a smart comedy, a smart drama, an intriging look into the life behind those fences of craziness.

Final Judegement: Masterpiece.


Gresham, Oregon

Date: 29 July 2001
Summary: "Which one of you nuts has got guts?"

This is in my top ten movies. My favorite Jack Nicholson movie. I'm half way through the book, and of course, I'm liking the book better, but it's still one of the best movies I've ever seen. All the characters are great, and Nurse Ratched is one of the greatest villains in movie history, not 'THE' greatest, but one of them.

It's not only a great story, but there are many excellent side story's along with it, like the fishing trip, the World Series vote, and the bitter sweet ending. This will definitely be one of the most memorable films of all time. I know it will be to me. 10/10